Formula Student

Formula Student is an international design- and racing competition for university students where the students must design and construct a single-seat race car and compete against students from other universities. The competition gives students the opportunity to solve real world problems and thus gain experience that will come in handy after graduation.

Team Spark is the University of Iceland's Formula Student team. The team has participated in the Formula Student competitions since 2011.


The Competition

In 1981 the first competition was organized by the SAE in the United States. Today there are competitions held in 7 different countries in Europe and on 6 continents. The participants total almost 15,000.

Team Spark is competing on behalf of the University of Iceland for the 8th time.

The Points

The competition consists of so-called static and dynamic events. There are a total of 1,000 points available and they are divided as shown below. The judges are well known figures from the automotive industry and Formula One.


Static Events

Design Presentation (150 points):

The team presents its design, technical aspects and analyses to the judges.

Cost- and Production Presentation (100 points):

Cost-, production- and sustainability plans are presented.

Business Presentation (75 points):

A business plan is presented to convince potential investors of a profitable business idea.

Dynamic Events

Acceleration (75 points):

Race on a 75-meter track with a standing start.

Skid-Pad (75 points):

The lateral acceleration is tested on a track shaped like an eight.

Autocross (100 points):

A race on a track where the car with the fastest lap time wins.

Efficiency (100 points):

The car's energy consumption is measured and compared to the total time in the endurance event.

Endurance (325 points):

A 22-km race including a change of driver after 11 km.

Team Spark

Kt. 590810-0610

Bankanr. 0137-15-381172

Hjarðarhagi 2-6

107 Reykjavík