Garún - TS18

TS18 or Garún is Team Spark’s latest creation. Garún competed at Formula Student Spain at the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya this summer. It features a full aerodynamics kit and it is the first car built by Team Spark that features a carbon fiber monocoque instead of a conventional steel frame.

  • Top speed: 136 km/h
  • Motor: Emrax 228 High Voltage
  • Power: 100 kW (134 bhp)
  • Weight: 253 kg
  • Chassis: Carbon Fiber Monocoque

Team Spark is the University of Iceland's Formula Student team. The team consists of 40 students coming from different departments of the School of Engineering and Natural Sciences at the University of Iceland. Our disciplines are different but by working together we can utilize the knowledge we have acquired from our studies to solve real and multidisciplinary projects.

The team is divided into 8 groups: Management, Drivetrain, Monocoque, Chassis, Suspension, Aerodynamics, Electric and Operations. Each team member has a responsibility and is an essential part of the project. In the design groups each member oversees the design and production of a single component of the car. This year, Team Spark is entering the competition with an electric race car, the same as the previous years.

The Team
FS Austria Team Photo

Formula Student

Formula Student is an international design- and racing competition for university students where the students must design and construct a single-seat race car and compete against students from other universities. The competition gives students the opportunity to solve real world problems and thus gain experience that will come in handy after graduation.

In 1981 the first competition was organized by the SAE in the United States. Today there are competitions held in 7 different countries in Europe and on 6 continents. The participants total almost 15,000.



Team Sparks third car and the team's second drivable car and the first car to get through mechanical scrutineering. The cars design is based on earlier models, especially TS13.



The car weighs around 220 kg, which is around 100 kg lighter than last years car. This is achieved by improving every single component with weight and strength in mind. The peak power output of TS15's motor is 100 kW.



TS16 marked two major milestones in Team Spark history but it was the first car to compete at two different competitions and also the first car to feature an aerodynamic package.



TS17 or Laki is named after one of Iceland's most powerful volcanoes. It featured a full aerodynamics kit and it was at the time the lightest car built by Team Spark.

Team Spark


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