Formula Student

Formula Student is an international racing- and engineering competition, held all over the world every year. The competition is the biggest of its kind and almost every technical university in Europe takes part in it. At the competitions, the cars need to meet strict rules, published by the association, and need to pass detailed inspections before they are allowed to take part in any dynamic events.

Usually, the competitions take place at large racing tracks, some of which are famous Formula 1 tracks. The competitions last for up to a week and are divided into different events, challenging competitors' engineering knowledge and driving performance. Teams can score points in each event and for a maximum of 1000 points overall.

Every year, Team Spark takes its latest car to one or more Formula Student competition in Europe.

Static Events

Design Event - 150 points

Cost Event - 100 points

Business Event - 75 points

Dynamic Events

Acceleration - 75 points

Skid-Pad - 75 points

Autocross - 100 points

Efficiency - 100 points

Endurance - 325 points


Competitions that we have been to.


TS17, TS19

United Kingdom

TS12, TS14, TS15, TS16


TS16, TS17, TS19


TS18, TS19