Garún was Team Sparks first monocoque instead of a steel space frame and the first one of its kind in Iceland. Along with this there were improvements in the cars electrical system, for example the pedal box is now controlled with a computer instead of analog. The cars aerodynamics package was made stronger and lighter along with improvements in the analysis of their effects.


In the middle of summer, 2018, the car was ready and the team went and competed at Formula Student Spain. The competition was held in Circuit de Catalunya, a Formula 1 track. The car went through mechanic scrutineering without any big problems although the electrical scrutineering took longer. The judges found a few things that had to be fixed and the electric group had to fix it on the spot in order to pass. In the end the car passed all inspections and was able to compete in autocross, skidpad and autocross. The team also received an award for best team spirit.


  • 100 kw (130 hp) Emrax electrical motor

  • 6.2 kWh battery cells at 600 V (144 Lithium Polymer cells))

  • Unequal length A-arm pushrod suspension with a Z-bar anti-roll.

  • Chain drive with a Drexler LSD

  • Weight: 253 kg

  • Maximum speed: 136 km/klst