Formula Student Iceland

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The Team

Team Spark is the formula student team of the University of Iceland. The team consists of 40 students from different disciplines. Building a formula race car is a challenging task and allows students to work on diverse projects that would not be available to them otherwise. Students leave the team well prepared for the job market and further studies.

The Car

Team Sparks newest car is TS19-Silfra. Last summer the team traveled with Silfra to three competitions in Europe, in Italy, Austria and Spain and the car got through the scrutineering and drove during all the competitions. The car is similar to it’s predecessor, TS18, but some of the systems have been improved and the monocoque is considerably lighter.


First monocoque produced in Iceland

From the beginning our cars were built on a steel tube frame. By making a carbon fiber chassis we are able to build a lighter car.


First car with aerodynamics kit

By adding winds to our cars we can increase tyre grips and thus get better lap times on competitions.


Fyrst driveable car produced

TS12 was the first complete car built by the team. It competed at Silverstone in 2012.


Team Spark founded

The team was founded by a small group of students in 2010.


Team Spark could not build a car without the support of our sponsors. We appreciate all the materials, tools, advice and more that companies have sponsored to us.


Formula Student

Formula Student is the largest international engineering student competition held all over the world. Most larger universities have teams in the competitions.

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