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About Team Spark

Team Spark is a racing team full of students at the University of Iceland from multiple departments. Every year a new fully electric car is made and competed with in Formula Student competitions. These competitions are one of the biggest engineering student gatherings in the world. The team is divided into seven groups where all team members get projects and responsibility they can handle. Being in the team you must be both independent and able to work in groups. Joining the team is a unique experience that will be useful in your future working environments. Having Team Spark on your resume will boost it significantly when applying for a job.

Whether you are in engineering, math, physics, computer science, or just about anything, you can join and get a project well suited for you!


Aerodynamics groups part in making the car is designing and making all the wings and cooling system. Team Spark has gotten a great deal of attention overseas for our unique technique in the production of wings, this technique makes the surface super smooth. The designs of the wings are built on the foundation of many aerodynamic analysis, as well as resourcefulness. The cooling system cools both motor and motor controller. The wings of the car have the purpose of making the driving characteristics better both when cornering as well as on straights.


The analysis group oversees all major analysis made on every aspect of the car. For example, aerodynamic, structural strength, vehicle dynamics, cooling, and many more. Some of the programs used are Ansys, ViGrade, OptimumK, Matlab, and more. All projects of the group are done in cooperation with other groups.


The group designs the chassis of the car. The chassis is a monocoque where carbon fiber sandwich technology is used instead of a regular steel tube frame. By making a monocoque the weight of the chassis is lowered, as well as a more freely designed shape. The chassis group is also responsible for driver ergonomics and safety.


The role of the drivetrain group is to return as much power from the electric motor to the wheels, with the best efficiency possible. All group decisions will be made from data collected from old cars. The goal is to make the drivetrain assembly as stable and reliable as possible. Drivetrain group members will work closely with the suspension group in analysis of the car as well as drawings.


In the electric group, members design, manufacture, and program most of our control systems from scratch. Great deal of the electric system in the car is designed and manufactured of group members, therefor the experience in the team is precious in future working environments. Within the group members design and draw electric circuits, program control computers, develop sensor systems, oversee wireless transmissions, and maintain the whole system. All group members will be able to get projects fitting their ability and longing.


The operations group works closely with the management of Team Spark with all sorts of project managements and administrations. The group oversees communications with sponsors, events, team building, competition planning, newsletters, and our all social media. The group operates with all our sponsors, school administrators, and the team management.


The role of the suspension group is to design, build, analyse, and measure everything that connects the wheels to the chassis body. The group also studies vehicle dynamics and vehicle handling in close cooperation with the analysis group. Data collection and data analysis are an important part of the suspension projects, as well as fine tuning of the current suspension.